My Projects

A list of websites and projects I've made or contributed to


Browse Twitch, get live notifications, listen to streams in voice chat, and get stats from Fortnite, Overwatch, and Rocket League.

Konomi Bots

Find all of the Discord bots you'll ever need for your server.


An entertaining Discord bot made to sharpen your server!


A simple, yet powerful website editor in your browser with real-time previews.


Trinity is a fully customizable Discord bot with moderation, music, autorole, welcomer and more!

What phone?

Today's world of technology is changing all the time. Find a phone that fits your needs.


Edit and save files with this modern, customizable text editor for Windows.


A multi-purpose discord bot with features such as music, sound effects, polls, and much more!

I'm available for hire

I make inexpensive and stunning websites like the ones above for under $50. Contact me if you're interested and want a website for your brand.

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